George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD)
Car Parking

(Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK)

For the convenience of holidaymakers and business travellers, there are short-stay and long-stay car parks at Belfast City Airport (BHD) as well as special designated parking spaces for disabled drivers. The list below details further information on airport car parking at George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD).

There are two ways of paying for your parking space at Belfast City Airport. The conventional way involves taking at ticket at entry and paying at the pay station on your return, or by swiping your credit card at the barrier on your way in and doing the same on your way out.


The short-stay car park at George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD) is mainly for pick-ups and drop-offs and it is fairly expensive. This car park is located on the right hand side after entering the airport site. Rates are charged from the first 15 minutes and then hourly thereafter.

Main Car Park

The main car park at Belfast City Airport is for long-stays and is located beyond the terminal building. The charge for the first 15 minutes is the same as at the short-stay car park, while daily and weekly rates are also available.


Disabled drivers have allocated parking spots in the short-stay car park. There is no need to worry about parking here for a long time and getting charged at high rates, as George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD) has set the disabled parking rates at the short-stay car park the same as for the main car park. If you require assistance, contact airport staff at one of the special telephone points situated in the car park.

Belfast Airport BHD

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